For a fresher, drier home or office

Heat Recovery Ventilation Systems

Mitsubishi Lossnay Ventilation Systems

Fresh air is vital for protecting your family from health issues and your home or office from dampness, mould and rot. This is especially relevant for properties with improved energy efficiencies like increased insulation and double-glazing.

Our heat recovery ventilation systems keep your spaces feeling fresher and drier. They introduce air from outside, rather than using the stale air captured in the ceiling space. The system recovers heat from the outgoing air as it is ducted back outside, and filters it before distributing it throughout your internal spaces.

When sized correctly, heat recovery ventilation systems work extremely effectively when connected to a ducted heat pump.

What We Do:

  • Supply and install the perfect heat recovery ventilation system for a fresher, drier home or office.
  • Enhance your property with the latest ventilation technology from leading brand Mitsubishi.
  • Design and install the ideal system for ultimate home ventilation.
  • Talk you through the features of your new equipment so that you can get the best use from it and operate the system sustainably.
  • Install in new builds or retrofit systems in existing homes – the perfect accompaniment for a ducted heat pump.
  • Carry out concrete core cutting up to 150mm when and where needed. 

Trusted brands that work

We only work with brands that we know and trust, and would be willing to install in our own homes. Our Mitsubishi Lossnay ventilation and Mitsubishi heat pumps are suitable for homes, offices, and large-scale commercial settings. But don’t worry, they look great too!

Fresher, Drier Interior Spaces

With the growing popularity of energy efficient buildings comes the increased need for fresh air ventilation solutions. Mitsubishi Lossnay ventilation systems introduce external fresh air into your spaces reducing the risk of respiratory illness, damp and mould.

Our commitment to quality

Quality is woven through everything we do. From the products we supply to the work our technicians do, we operate to an extremely high standard. We take pride in our work, provide impeccable customer service and have a wealth of knowledge and experience.

You are our priority

Making sure you are satisfied is our number one priority. We provide tailored advice on the right system and tell you exactly what to expect while we are working at your property. We’re happy when you’re happy with the perfect heat pumps air conditioning system!

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